In your hands

It seems impossible to keep
Hope alive and be at peace
Amidst the trials and uncertainties
My mind is in a constant war

Will I trust? Will I let go?
Is your love all that I’m living for?

‘Cause this journey gets so hard, sometimes I want to stop
Just fall back in Your arms and let You catch me
And when my heart feels crushed, You take me in Your arms
And in that place, I am at peace

It’s all in Your hands, You have a perfect plan
Though I don’t know what lies down the road
I trust in Your love, I trust in Your power
For You, there is no impossible

All I want is to be free
From the lies and false beliefs
That for too long have been crippling me
Yes, it’s time to face the truth
That there’s nothing I can do
‘Til I completely hide myself in You

Finally I am letting go
Finally I release control
Finally I can fall into Your arms