No Greater Love

Do you remember the day we first met?
From a fisherman then to a fisher of men
Now, we dream together and great things expect
How far we have come, my friend

Lay down your striving and lay down your pain
I call you friend, you’re no longer a slave
My heart is a home and I give you the keys

Abide in my love and you’ll see

Oh! There is no greater love, no greater love
Than to lay down one’s life for His friends
There is no greater love, no greater love
Know that I am with you to the end
My friend!

And even if you should ever betray me
This bridge I am always willing to mend
Don’t hide your eyes, ‘cause I want you to know me
My love I will always extend

I—I call you friend
I’ve opened my heart to you
And let you in

You can wound me and bruise me too
There is no wall
That I’m not willing to break through
No price too great
This is my body broken for you!
Broken for you!
Broken for you, broken for you, broken for you!